Are you ready for a “New U”?

Natural Beauty Las Vegas Skin Care Clinic

Are you ready for a “New U”?

Are you ready for a “New U”?

Las Vegas skin care clinic offers all-natural beauty services to treat acne, hyperpigmentation, many more by Ariana DeCastro (from the Philippine Times – Southern Nevada)

The beauty industry is thriving more than ever. Many beauty gurus and makeup artists have been raving about services that enhance the look of their lips, lashes, brows and skin, but at New U Natural Beauty – a Las Vegas skin care clinic – they make sure that those services are done naturally.

Olivia Song and her mother, Dr. Jiwen He, owners of New U Natural Beauty, only established their beauty clinic in 2010, but their experience goes beyond that. Since 1890 in China, generations of the He family devoted their time to practicing Chinese medicine and integrating it with modern techniques.

New U Natural Beauty is the result of all those years of dedication. They offer a multitude of services such as massages, facials, teeth whitening, spray tanning, and waxing services, but their specialty services are unlike in town.

They specialize in permanent cosmetic makeup, hyperpigmentation treatments, acne treatments, eyelash extensions, all-natural breast enhancement treatments, an injection-free solution to Botox, and stretch mark removals.



To enhance the look of your eyes, New U offers 3-D eyebrows micro-blading and permanent eyeliner. To enhance the look of your lips, clients can get permanent lip liner or a permanent tint on their lips.

Permanent cosmetic makeup is their most popular service, and although micro-blading just recently became a trend, the He family has been doing it for 15 years which can attest to their level of technique, according to Song.

“Eyebrows can reframe people’s faces, it’s very important,” Song says. “But we want to make sure that [after micro-blading], it looks as natural as possible.”

To accentuate your eyes even more, New U also offers semi-permanent 3-D eyelash extensions. You can make your lashes look as voluminous or as natural as you want by choosing between silk or mink eyelashes, and it’ll be placed one-by-one on top of your natural lashes with a medical-grade adhesive.

To upkeep your eyelash extensions, New U also offers lash refills, which are recommended every three to four weeks, depending on your natural lash cycle.



Many Filipinos deal with hyperpigmentation problems, according to Song. New U offers a treatment that can help with skin pigmentation, sun spots, age spots, moles, and even permanently remove skin tags.

They also offer a treatment for teenagers and adults suffering from acne.

New U uses natural herbs and acupressure (not acupuncture)to help balance the body’s hormones naturally. Acupressure is an alternative medicine technique using pressure point work that sends a signal to the body to “turn on” its own self-healing or regulatory mechanisms, according to Explore IM, a Web-based resource for Integrative Medicine at UCLA.

Strong stresses that although acupressure uses similar techniques as acupuncture, it is not the same because needles are not used during the treatment.

“It’s an all-natural, permanent cure guarantee,” Song says. There are no side effects, no peels, chemicals, or injections. It’s totally natural.”

Song strongly advises against the use of birth control to help with acne. She suggests that the use of birth control balances hormones by using additional hormones.

With her treatment, the body clears up by itself.

“Proactive, Accutane, Retino-A and birth control pills all have side effects,”Song says. “Our procedures are harm-free.”

New U’s acne treatment is not done anywhere else. The acne treatment was discovered by Song’s great-grandfather in the 1800s and has become a family secret since.



The all-natural breast enhancement treatment is also a He family secret. You could increase one-to-one cup sizes within two to four months. This treatment would also work for those whose goal is not necessarily to go bigger but want their breasts to lift and get firmer.



New U’s Beyond Botox helps with fine lines, wrinkles, acne spots and scarring. It is a non-invasive, injection-free solution to Botox.

“We use a tool called a Derma Roller, we do a LED light treatment, and [we use] a special mask to help with collagen production,” says Carla Medina, one of New U’s cosmetologists. “Since it’s [all]-natural, you can do multiple treatments. The more you do it, the better results you get.”



New U also offers a treatment to help improve stretch marks by 50 to 80 percent. The treatment focuses on your skin’s collagen production which helps lighten the marks. Results will vary from person-to-person depending on the severity of the stretch marks, so consultations are highly recommended for this treatment as well as the others.

Their expertise combined with Eminence – the organic skin care line they use at New U – makes their treatments successful.

Song tried a lot of expensive and professional skin care products on her face but many used heavy chemicals. While improvement could be seen right away with some of the products she tried, it wasn’t long term.

“Expensive doesn’t always mean it’s working,” Song says.

When she tried the Eminence skin care line, there were no side effects and it proved very effective.

“Whether it’s [a product] for anti-aging, hydrating, skin brightening – it all works,” Song says.

The staff are all experienced aestheticians and cosmetologists, and Song makes sure that they are fully trained, even with front desk duties. This kind of versatility with their services and staff would help New U’s ultimate goal – to expand nationwide.

“We’re doing things nobody else can do,” Song says. “We can help a lot of people – millions – with no side effects.”

New U Natural Beauty is open Monday through Sunday from 10 a.m to 7 p.m.

Consultations are free and appointments are strongly recommended.

If you’re ready for a “New U,” visit and call (702) 257-6398 to book your appointment.