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Las Vegas Micro-Blading Eyebrows and Eyeliner

The Benefits of getting Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Eyeliner

The Benefits of getting Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Eyeliner Do you feel that your eyeliner is the most important part of your daily look? Is winged eyeliner your go-to look to boost your confidence, but you just can’t get both sides to match? Do you have allergies to makeup or certain beauty products? Or maybe you don’t […]

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Skin Hyper Pigmentation Treatment Las Vegas

Skin Pigmentation Treatments

Skin Pigmentation Treatments Do you have unwanted freckles, moles, skin tags, warts or sunspots or age spots? Or are you unsure of what a certain dark spot on your body really is? We can help you figure out the best-suited treatment for your skin condition. New U has been using a cutting edge technology for […]

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Natural Beauty Las Vegas Skin Care Clinic

Are you ready for a “New U”?

Are you ready for a “New U”? Las Vegas skin care clinic offers all-natural beauty services to treat acne, hyperpigmentation, many more by Ariana DeCastro (from the Philippine Times – Southern Nevada) The beauty industry is thriving more than ever. Many beauty gurus and makeup artists have been raving about services that enhance the look […]

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beauty spa mother's day gift card las vegas

$20 FREE Gift Card for Mother’s Day!

$20 FREE Gift Card for Mother’s Day! GET A $20 GIFT CARD OFFERED FOR ANY $100 GIFT CERTIFICATE PURCHASED. Get a $100 gift certificate for your mother and receive a $20 gift card from New U Natural Beauty for yourself. Act quick, limit gift certificates available | Max. 2 per person. Your consultation is always […]

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Organic Skin Care Beauty Natural Treatments Las Vegas

Why should you use Organic Skin Care?

Why should you use Organic Skin Care? Simply stated, there are two reasons, good organic skin care products work better, and they are better for you. Benefits: Less chance of having reactions Absorbs into the skin better Eliminates or reduces exposure to synthetics Anti-aging Hydrating Skin care products made using synthetic or inorganic ingredients can […]

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Las Vegas 3D Eyelash Extensions

What are Eyelash Extensions?

What are Eyelash Extensions? Eyelash Extensions are single high-quality strands, applied ONE by ONE directly to your individual eyelashes using a medical grade adhesive. How long does it take to have a Full Set applied? Eyelash Extensions take about an hour and a half to two hours depending on whether or not you are having […]

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3D eyebrows Las Vegas Micro-Blading Tatto Correction Eyebrows

We offer 3D Eyebrows Correction!

We offer 3D Eyebrows Correction! Have your eyebrows tattooed before and not happy with it? Let our eyebrows doctors fix that for you and you will finally get the eyebrows you deserve with our 3D eyebrows micro-blading services! Your consultation is always free at New U Natural Beauty! 📞Call 702-257-6398 NOW to schedule ✉️Email us […]

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Micro-Blading Las Vegas Eyebrows

Hottest Trend in Town – Micro-blading Las Vegas

Hottest Trend in Town – Micro-blading Las Vegas Would you like to have perfect eyebrows? Are you suffering from any issues with the shape of your eyebrows? Have you over tweezed your eyebrows or have they stopped growing? Do you have uneven or gaps in your eyebrows? Would you like to have beautiful perfect eyebrows […]

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New U Beauty Salon Las Vegas Valentine's Day Promotions

Promotions for Valentine’s Day by New U Natural Beauty

Promotions for Valentine’s Day by New U Natural Beauty It’s that time of the year again! Prep yourself for one steamy Valentine’s Day this year with our Ouchless Brazillian Wax! Experience the softer, smoother skin now thanks to New U Natural Beauty and our beauty experts. Or start off this new month with a New […]

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Natural Beauty Services Las Vegas New U

New Skin for New U Natural Beauty

New Skin for the website of New U Natural Beauty! At New U Natural Beauty, we have a new mission to provide our clients with the highest degree of customer service in a professional and unique setting in the Las Vegas area. Our goal entails building enduring and rewarding relationships with customers clients in the […]

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