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Natural Beauty Treatments Press Article by LvWoman Magazine

Press Article by LVWomanMagazine

The He family has been practicing Chinese medicine using the family’s trade secrets in skin and wellness treatments since 1890. Dr. He has been practicing Chinese herbal medicine for more than 35 years continuing a practice handed down from her grandfather. At New U Natural Beauty, Dr. He and her daughter Olivia provide their clients with the highest degree of customer service in a professional and unique setting. They have built enduring and rewarding relationships with their clients through knowledge, trust, service and integrity.

One of the biggest trends today is eyelash extensions. Every woman wants beautiful lashes and if they aren’t born with them, New U Natural Beauty offers a safe way to have full, lush lashes without using medication with side effects. The eyelash extensions used are made of quality blended fibers. Once they are in place, the eyelash extensions look just like natural lashes, only longer and fuller without any side effects of chemical treatments.
One of the family secrets New U Natural Beauty offers to its clients is non-surgical breast enhancement using all natural methods. Fuller breasts offer a youthful appearance, better fitting clothing and a sense of self-confidence. To achieve breast enhancement naturally, Dr. He has created a unique set of acupressure massage treatments, combined with negative pressure, which will effectively enhance breasts and reshape the outline. New U Natural Beauty breast enhancement combination treatments will result in optimal and natural looking breasts in a relatively short span of time. This is achieved naturally and without resorting to breast implant surgery.

This procedure proves effective for women of any age. It is also effective for breasts that need treatment after breastfeeding, weight loss or aging, especially after menopause. Over the past 20 years, more than 95 percent of its clients have received satisfactory results from this particular natural procedure.
Another family secret offered is treatment of acne. Anyone of any age can still get acne. Creams and lotions with chemicals can sting, burn or even scar the skin. With New U Natural Beauty, acne is treated with all natural ingredients.

New U Natural Beauty is devoted to acne therapy and has successfully treated thousands of clients since 1989. Its acne treatment procedure was created by Dr. He and this natural procedure finds the source and not only heals acne, but also prevents future outbreaks from occurring. Most acne products available only treat pre-existing blemishes, without attacking the root cause. This can lead to frustrating and costly efforts. New U Natural Beauty addresses the different factors that lead to acne and achieves long-term permanent results.

Over 98 percent of its clients have received satisfactory results from this type of procedure and have maintained beautiful skin after completion of the treatment program.

The licensed, highly-trained staff of New U Natural Beauty is dedicated to providing the highest level of service while offering all natural products. New U Natural Beauty is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. with after-hours appointments available.