11 Natural Beauty Treatments every man should get this summer

Gents Beauty Treatment Las Vegas Gentleman’s Beauty Services

11 Natural Beauty Treatments every man should get this summer

Gentleman’s Beauty Services

Contrary to popular belief spas aren’t just for women men need pampering too! We’re here to let you know that we will not judge, but we applaud anyone that chooses to take care of his or her body. Men should not feel uncomfortable taking care of themselves. We offer free consultations to answer any of your questions and guide you to the Gentleman’s Beauty Services you need.

The team here at New U has a new mission to provide their clients with the highest degree of customer service in a professional and unique setting in the Las Vegas area. Their goal entails building enduring and rewarding relationships with their clients in the community, through knowledge, trust, superior service, and integrity.

Gentleman’s Custom Organic Facial

The Gentleman’s skin is often deprived of special treatment. Our knowledgeable aestheticians craft a customized organic facial program to suit your skin type and/or skin condition(s).  Combining the most appropriate techniques for optimal results. All Gentleman’s facial programs include Deep cleansing, hot towels, gentle exfoliation, extractions if needed, therapeutic facial, neck and shoulder massage and nourishing face mask.

Organic Skin Care 1 Las Vegas Before and After


Used to smooth out the surface of the skin. Stimulates collagen and elastin, aids in producing more normal cell production, stimulates lymph and blood cells to move more evenly toward the epidermis and shed more evenly. Microdermabrasion will reduce the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, chicken pox scars, brown/age spots, fine-lined wrinkles, large pores and other skin imperfections.


Skin Pigmentation Treatment

We can remove the following: Freckles, Moles, Warts, Age Spots, and Sun Spots and Melasma. If you have a dark spot that you are unsure about, stop by and we can take a look at it.


Beyond Botox

Designed to remove wrinkles, facial lines, acne scars and stretch marks. Beyond Botox is an invasive procedure that helps improve skin’s collagen production, which works by prickling your skin, and tricking it to renew skin cells by repairing itself.

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Acne Treatment

Our acne treatment procedure was created by Dr. He and is very different from any you have tried before. This natural procedure finds the source of your acne and not only heals the blemishes you have but also prevents future outbreaks from occurring. Most acne products available today only treat pre-existing blemishes, without attacking the root cause of your condition. This can lead to frustrating and costly efforts. We address the different factors that lead to acne by getting to the root cause while achieving long-term permanent results.


Gentleman’s Grooming

We offer Threading and Waxing services. Do your bushy eyebrows need some help? Or maybe your outer ear is growing some wild hairs? Let’s get that unruly back and chest hair taken care of! We can help you out!


Ear Candling

Centuries old, candling continues to be used as a soothing and relaxing treatment for the ears. It helps control appetite, release stress, improve sleeping and it could help you quit smoking. A cylinder candle is gently placed in the ear and lit at the opposite end to create a slow vacuum with no discomfort. The flame creates negative pressure, drawing wax and debris out of the ear canal.


Teeth Whitening

Brighter and whiter teeth within minutes! Up to 2-8 shades in just 30 minutes. No pain or sensitivity!



By creating suction and negative pressure, our cupping treatment is used to release rigid soft tissue, drain excess fluids and toxins, loosen adhesions and lift connective tissue, and bring blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles.

Depending on the specific treatment, skin marking is common after the cups are removed. This may be a simple red ring that disappears within 3 to 7 days.


Weight Loss

We offer an all natural treatment to help with your weight loss concerns. Ear Acupressure to control your appetite. Dome Sauna to remove toxins from your body. Shape It Up machine to help with cellulite.


Here at New U, we are all about caring for our clients’ health and beauty needs. We will provide unique, all natural treatments in a truly inviting and relaxing setting supported by unpretentious service.
So if your goal is to reach a healthy glow all around, give us a call to book an appointment or a free consultation at 702-257-6398.